Dastia for Healthcare

The healthy solution you were looking for to improve your marketing strategy.

The right solution to your needs

A tool to easily improve your lead management and your marketing strategies. Take a look at how Dastia can make your business grow.

Discover how people reach you

Dastia can easily show you which campaigns brought you the most amount of patients. Thanks to our Call Tracking and Form Tracking features, you will be able to identify the sources and journey of each and every lead you receive, from the moment they visit your website for the first time right to the doctor’s appointment.

Focus on your patients and rely on AI

Dastia analytics dashboards

By leveraging our Conversation Intelligence feature, you will improve every phone call interaction with your patients and prospects. Dastia will record and transcribe every conversation. After that, our AI will take the transcriptions and automatically categorize them so that you can learn from these interactions and provide a better experience. 

Dastia analytics dashboards

Put your money on the right campaigns

The valuable insights provided by Dastia will help you understand which are the best ways to improve your lead strategy. This way, you won’t have to waste a single penny on the wrong marketing campaigns ever again!

Focus on your patients and leave the rest to us!