Google My Business

Get to know more about your local leads with call tracking.

Learn how your Google My Business profile contributes to your results.

Whether you are a small local business or a medium-sized company, Google My Business is the key to promoting your business and efficiently engaging with potential customers. And for an excellent reason: A Google My Business profile is the first impression you give anyone searching for your business on Google. Apart from using this information to quickly find out what you offer and learn other helpful information, such as business hours and customer reviews, it is common practice to use GMB to easily locate a business’s phone number and call them right within the app. Because of this common habit, linking a call-tracking solution to your GMB profile becomes highly beneficial. By integrating GMB with Dastia, you will be able to:
  • Record your calls so that you can relisten to them later.
  • Create IVR menus to avoid missing calls.
  • Automatically draw insights from your calls with Conversational Intelligence tools.
  • Get call notifications.
  • Include the data you receive from GMB along with your other marketing channels in our analytics reports, so you can easily view insights from all your marketing campaigns in one place.

More insights. Better leads. Successful interactions. All a few steps away.