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Know which marketing channels generate more sales, track your calls, and manage your leads with Dastia.


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Our solution
Close the gap between your online and offline conversions.
Stop guessing the source of your leads and start focusing on improving your marketing campaigns.
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Focus on what you do best and let AI handle the rest.
Automate time-consuming tasks through AI, allowing your marketing and sales teams to become more productive by focusing on profitable tasks. The result? Optimized time, greater efficiency, and higher revenue!
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Spend your marketing budget wisely.
Leverage the power of analytics to understand what campaigns generate qualified leads and make data-driven decisions that maximize your ROI and improve your overall revenue.
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Our solution
Discover which calls triggered by an advertising campaign resulted in a sale.
Watch the video and learn how Dastia’s call tracking software can help you increase your call conversions.
How Dastia helps your business
Discover our benefits
Know your leads
Track your potential customers, use call recordings and transcriptions to build a lead profile. This information will allow your sales team to know them better and personalize their interactions with them. It’s simple: if you know your leads, you close more deals!
Save time
Say goodbye to those timeconsuming tasks. Our tool has builtin automation features that allow you to easily draw insights and manage your leads. In other words, focus on what you do best, and let AI handle the rest.
Optimize media spend
Spend your marketing budget wisely. Our dashboards give you a full view of all your campaigns, allowing you to learn which ones generate highquality leads. This way, you can make data-based decisions to optimize your campaigns and turn the best leads into loyal customers.
Empower your sales team
Analyze your call recordings and transcriptions to check what’s working and what’s not and identify improvement opportunities. Put our insights to good use to build stronger and more personalized sales scripts.
Customize your journey
Dive into a tool built to suit your needs. Our innovative model allows you to select your desired features and personalize your Dastia experience. This way, you can stop wasting money on add-ons you don’t need and only pay for what you use!
Make every dollar count
Spend your budget one call at a time. Unlike our competitors, we don’t believe in subscription models. So, instead of dealing with a monthly fee, you just have to add credit to your account and only pay for the calls you receive. No more, no less.
Answer every call
Set up call flows and seize every opportunity to interact with your leads. Our Virtual Assistant tool automatically takes incoming calls whenever your agents are too busy to answer. We got you covered, so don’t stress yourself and let it ring!
Get the big picture
Integrate our platform with your favorite tools and gather all your insights in just one place. Dastia connects with the systems and advertising platforms you already use and enhances them with data without the need to switch between apps.
We integrate with your existing tools
Dastia connects with the software tools and advertising platforms you already use and enhances them with data.

When you join Dastia, your account enters a validation process. Once your account is validated, you will receive your complementary $100 credit, no credit card required! Sounds good, right? All you have to do is sign up, validate your account, and you’re good to go!

It is important that you validate your account in order to access the free $100 usage credit. It only takes two minutes! There are many ways to do it:
  • Call (929) 581-8848
  • Chat with one of our agents
  • Schedule a call with us
  • Or leave your contact number and we’ll call you back!

Our unique and fully customizable pricing model allows you to only pay for what you use. By selecting your desired features you can calculate how much you will pay for each call and add the corresponding credit to your Dastia account.

You can start your Dastia experience with just the Call Manager bundle which costs $0.30 per call. If you want to enjoy the full experience by adding every Call Manager add-on, the Marketing Manager bundle, and every Marketing Manager add-on, then each call will cost $1.90.

Yes, you can get a demo with one of our specialists. Contact us at [email protected] and request your demo.

You can add as many users as you’d like to an account. The sky is the limit!

Dastia is only available in the United States.
Don’t get us wrong, you probably are doing a great job, but there is a lot more you can improve with Dastia.
Get ready to take a leap and manage your leads like a pro.