Stop guessing the source of your leads and start focusing on improving your marketing campaigns.

Why track your leads?

The answer to this question is quite simple: to gain valuable information that otherwise would be lost forever. Ever wondered how a certain customer found out about your business or which type of campaign brings in better results? Well, by leveraging our tracking feature, not only will you be able to obtain all of this data but also apply it to increase your revenue, improve your ROAS, and make better and smarter decisions for your company.

Sounds good, right? Now imagine if you could know all this information beforehand, not only for your existing customers but also for future ones, people browsing your website and asking for more details. The power of tracking can make this possible and guide you like a compass through the unpredictable conversion seas so that you don’t ever have to waste a single penny on the wrong campaign.

So to sum it up, tracking your leads will allow you to better understand your online and offline conversions while empowering your agents with relevant insights to ensure a better customer experience that closes more deals.

How do we track?

Dastia can track your lead information thanks to its two main features: Call Tracking and Form Tracking. Whether we are talking about tracking your phone calls to discover their source or just tracking your website forms, at their core, both methods are similar and share a common goal: to get more information on your leads.


Thanks to Dastia’s Call Tracking and Form Tracking features you will be able to gather useful data, such as your lead’s source, name, location, or number, and put it to good use.

Track your calls

In a nutshell, call tracking can be defined as the process where a unique phone number is assigned to each marketing campaign to easily identify the source of every received call.

Let’s illustrate this with an example. Imagine that your company starts spending money on online and offline marketing and decides to run a Google Ads campaign and use an email tool to send forms in order to increase the number of leads for your business. Logically, your marketers would like to track their phone leads to know how effective each of these campaigns are, right? In order to do this, your company buys two different and unique phone numbers from your call tracking provider, one for Google Ads and one for the emailing campaign.

the campaigns

Your marketers launch both campaigns, but instead of using the main business line they will use unique tracking phone numbers.


If a potential customer calls the number from any of your campaigns, that call will be forwarded to your main business number without the person even knowing it.

calls reports

By gathering this data, your marketers will be able to generate reports showing the performance of each campaign, or in other words, which campaigns brought in the greatest amount of calls or the most qualified leads.

the call logs

Last but not least, they will also access the logs of their calls, with details such as the caller ID data (caller’s name, telephone number, and location), the source of the call, the recording of the call and the caller’s timeline (previous calls and forms).
Now that we covered the basics, let’s dive into the specific parts of our Call Tracking feature.

Online Call Tracking

Online Call Tracking

Place a tracking number on your online campaigns to keep track of all the phone calls generated from your ads. Your unique tracking number will allow you to identify every one of the calls you received and know from which campaign they originated. Thanks to our Online Call Tracking, the next time a potential customer calls your tracking number you will be able to see the campaign name in your reports and discover how this person found your business

Online Call Tracking

Offline Call Tracking

Place a phone number on all of your offline campaigns, from billboards or newspapers to TV  or radio advertisements. Even your business card is a good place to add your number! No matter where, as long as potential customers call your tracking numbers, we will show you all the data you need in our reports, just like if it was an online campaign. Besides tracking the source of these offline calls, you will also receive the caller’s ID (caller’s name, telephone number, and location) and timeline (previous calls and forms).

Dynamic number insertion

Dynamic number insertion

Place a dynamic number insertion script on your website to understand which are the referring sources that generate the most traffic. No matter if your visitors come from your latest social media post, your running Google Ads campaign, or any other website, the right tracking number will appear on your site to track the source of these potential customers.

Dynamic number insertion

Track your forms

To put it simply, form tracking is the process that will let you know how a potential customer ended up clicking on your submit button. Thanks to this feature you will get a better understanding of your leads, learn how they behave on your website, and improve the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.

With this in mind, let’s explore the specific parts of our Form Tracking feature.

Form Tracking

Form Tracking

Identify the source of all the leads that come to your site and complete a form. Our feature will connect every interaction your potential customer had on your website (from clicking a call-to-action to calling your phone number) and translate it into a helpful and easy-to-understand timeline. This way, you will be able to know everything your visitors do on your website before they even click the submit button of your form.

Form Tracking
Custom form builder

Custom form builder

Custom form builder

Create eye-catching forms for your website, engage with your visitors, and improve your leads. This feature will not only let you build new forms and assign them Dastia’s default labels, but also understand their performance in order to make changes and take your conversions to a whole new level.

External form management

External form management

In case you already have existing forms outside Dastia, you can easily sync them to our tool. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to keep a close look at your external forms and keep track of everything related to your lead’s activity without having to switch platforms.

External form management

Close the gap between your online and offline conversions and improve your lead strategy!