About Us

Get to know the story and the people behind Dastia.

Who we are

What do you get when you mix a company like Walmeric—one of Spain’s top lead management & innovation companies with 15 years of experience in its field—with Globant—a digitally native software company with a deep knowledge of the US market and a robust infrastructure? The answer is Dastia: a next-generation solution built to help companies like yours improve their lead management through AI. Leveraging many years of experience from our founding organizations, we combine all their expertise with a young and flexible mindset.

Like a craft, we mastered the art of conversion and carried on their passion for innovation. And we are here to change the game.

Dastia team
Our dedicated and talented team puts its heart, mind, and soul into helping customers meet their business goals, and therefore accomplish our collective mission.

What drives us

Our mission is to help all businesses outreach their goals through the power of AI.

We want to provide every company with a solution that will balance the opportunities between them regardless of the size or budget they have. 

What matters to us

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We seek constant innovation.
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We strive for simplicity.
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We care for transparency.

Why us

When it comes to making big changes that will transform your business, like adopting new technology, you want to be in good hands. And with us, you’ll have more than a decade of expertise behind your back. We are a next-generation solution born from the effort of two great companies that have come a long way in building an impeccable reputation, deep know-how and experience in multiple industries, and worldwide infrastructure. The numbers speak for themselves.

Over 15 years of experience delivering Lead to Revenue Management solutions for the European market that create value in the assisted sales channel.

Managed leads / Year
Offline conversions uploaded to Martech platforms / Year

Digitally transforming and helping organizations reinvent themselves to unleash their potential since 2003.

Active clients served
Delivery centers
Globant was recognized as a part of top strongest IT services Brands in 2022

Need we say more?

Embrace technology that will help you unlock your business potential. Become a game changer today. We’ll guide you along the way.

Your journey towards smarter lead management starts with Dastia