Microsoft Advertising Integration

Microsoft Advertising

Integrate Dastia with Microsoft Advertising and track the performance of your online and offline campaigns in one place.

Get a full picture of your lead strategy

Dastia’s Microsoft Advertising integration not only allows you to follow up on your website and pay-per-click campaigns, but also visualize your calls and any other offline data to see where are your leads coming from, adjust your marketing spend accordingly, and increase your ROAS.

Thanks to our OAuth process Dastia can sync every converted lead to the Microsoft Advertising platform, giving you a better and more complete experience.

Categorize your campaigns with tags

Assign personalized tags to your online and offline campaigns, such as date, currency, or timezone to name a few, and create a simple and effective way to search and organize every conversion coming from your potential customers.

Follow your activity throughout time

With our integration you can analyze the performance of your keywords, ad groups, and campaigns from the very moment they start running. These valuable insights are useful to understand what approaches are working and which ones need some improvement.

Stop wasting time and start improving your lead management!