Dastia Google Ads Integration

Google Lead Forms

Drive leads from your forms and manage them with Dastia to turn them into sales

Manage your lead forms data with just a single platform

Let’s face it, not everyone likes to talk over the phone. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to go back to old school methods to generate and track those prospects. With Dastia’s Google Lead Form extension, you can easily drive new leads by letting people complete a form within your ad.

So when your prospects submit their details, these are automatically uploaded into Dastia and put together with your call and form tracking data. This way, you can view and manage all your leads’ information within a single platform—no matter how they reached out.

Integrate Dastia with Google Lead Forms and improve productivity

When you integrate Dastia with your Google Lead Forms extension, you can capture attribution data inside Dastia and then add the interaction to a list. This means that once Dastia collects the form details, it creates a new lead that you can manage within the platform, allowing you to assign your own scores, keywords, and tags to it—which you can use to easily group or filter leads.

You can even take it a step further and use our Webhooks integration to set up triggers to automatically upload form and attribution data directly into your CRM or any other platform you use.

This extension is the perfect complement to our Google Ads integration. Combined, they empower your ads tools with rich and relevant data—giving you a much deeper look into your campaigns so you can optimize them and increase conversions like never before.

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