Dastia for Automotive

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Learn which marketing campaigns are generating high-quality leads and which are running out of steam. Take a look at how Dastia can make your business grow.

Discover which campaigns are driving your leads

Since most automotive sales begin online nowadays, we know how important it is to identify the source behind your leads. With our Call tracking and Form tracking solutions, you will be able to understand the whole journey of your potential customers, from their first click on one of your campaigns right to the moment they leave the showroom with their brand-new car.

You handle the cars, we take care of the rest

Dastia analytics dashboards

Focus on your sales strategy while we handle the tedious operational tasks. Our Conversational Intelligence feature can record and transcribe every call you receive from your potential customers. After that, thanks to the power of AI, these conversations can be categorized and organized into different groups to simplify how your sales agents understand every interaction with your leads. The best part? You can analyze these insights to monitor your team’s performance during the calls and identify opportunities to improve their sales pitch.

Dastia analytics dashboards

A smarter marketing budget spend

Stop wasting your hard-earned money on worthless strategies and put it on the right campaigns! Our powerful dashboards will provide you with valuable insights to help you optimize your lead strategy, increase the number of satisfied customers and get better results for your business.

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