Gain valuable insights from our reports and apply them to your marketing campaigns

Knowledge is power

Take advantage of our variety of standard reports, apply filters and gain valuable insights from your campaigns.
Manage your marketing campaign reports

Manage your reports

Manage your marketing campaign reports

Thanks to Dastia’s reports you will be able to know in detail the performance of your marketing campaigns. This information can help you understand which strategies bring the best results and what needs to be adjusted. The outcome? Smarter decisions, better ROI, and more leads!

Available reports

Call Interactions

Get to know valuable insights such as the date of your calls, their source, and the origin and destination phone data.

Form Interactions

Discover when your forms were completed, the source behind them, the associated emails, and the phone data of your clients.


Find out each of your lead’s names, the date they converted for the first time, their email address, and origin phone data.


Learn the relevant topics that pop up during conversations and see the most used keywords displayed on our Tag Cloud.

Pool Interactions

View in an interactive pie chart how many interactions your customers had with each of your pools of numbers and understand which ones are the most effective.

Create custom reports

Create custom reports
Personalize the way you get your campaign data to suit your needs with our customizable reports. This feature allows you to apply different filters to the already existing reports, assign them a specific name, and save them as brand new.
Create custom reports
Share your marketing campaign reports

Share your reports

Share your marketing campaign reports
Schedule your reports to be sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with our email summary reports. Choose the people you want to share your reports with and keep every stakeholder involved in the results and performance of your campaigns.

Leverage the power of our reports and spend your marketing budget wisely!