Dastia for Real Estate

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A tool to improve your lead management and locate the best buyers and renters. Take a look at how Dastia can make your business grow.

Discover the source of your buyers and renters

With the help of our Call Tracking and Form Tracking features, Dastia will show you how your potential customers reached your business in the first place. With our solution, you will be able to identify the whole journey of the leads that visit your website or call your phone number before they move to their new dream house.

Focus on the properties and leave the rest to us

Dastia analytics dashboards

Spend your valuable time delivering the best experience to your customers and rely on Dastia to take care of the operational tasks. Our conversational intelligence feature can record and transcribe every conversation you engage with your potential buyers and renters. Later, with the help of AI, the transcriptions can be categorized into different groups, simplifying the way realtors understand the interactions with their leads and helping them close even more deals. Last but not least, analyzing these transcriptions can be useful to monitor your team’s performance during calls and identify opportunities to improve their sales pitch.

Dastia analytics dashboards

Spend your marketing budget wisely

Stop wasting your time and money on ineffective marketing campaigns! Thanks to the valuable insights provided by Dastia’s dashboards, every realtor can optimize their whole lead strategy, make smarter data-driven decisions, and increase the number of satisfied buyers and renters.

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