Dastia for Legal Services

Drive your firm’s growth. Leverage data to target the right clients and optimize your marketing campaigns.

The right solution to your needs

A tool to easily improve your lead management, call handling, and optimize your marketing campaigns. Take a look at how Dastia can make your business grow while you win big for your clients.

Contextualize your conversations with data and build trust

You never show up to court unprepared, so why greet your potential clients that way? With Dastia’s Call Tracking solution you can stay one step ahead of your fellow competitors by actually knowing who’s calling and why. Before the call even begins, our powerful call tracking software shows you valuable information collected from your leads. This way, you can pick up the phone with a better understanding of your potential client’s situation, allowing you to engage in a much more empathetic conversation that will help you build the trust they are looking for in a lawyer.

Increase productivity and deliver exceptional experiences with the help of AI

Dastia analytics dashboards

Staying on top of your leads can be a full-time job on its own. Thankfully, our Lead Management solution allows you to organize them and provide an excellent calling experience while still having time to work on your cases. Dastia’s Virtual Assistant feature takes care of your calls whenever you’re too busy to answer them. You can also use our Conversational Intelligence feature to draw insights from each interaction. How? Our powerful tool records your calls and transcribes them. Then, it uses AI to automatically identify keywords that are used as tags—making each call easier to find and saving you a great deal of time.

Dastia analytics dashboards

Analyze your campaigns and efficiently target the right clients

When you have the most expensive keywords on the market, you don’t want to leave conversions to chance. So next time you spend hundreds of dollars on a single keyword, you’d better make sure it’s targeted correctly. Dastia’s Analytics Dashboards allow you to understand your campaigns’ attribution and which ones generate high-quality leads. This way, you can make data-based decisions to optimize your campaigns and turn qualified leads into loyal clients.

We rest our case. Are you ready to take your lead management to the next level?