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Close the gap between offline and online conversions

We know how difficult it can be for you as a marketer to calculate the ROI of your PPC campaigns, especially if you don’t take into account offline interactions, like calls. Leaving these out of the analysis of your campaigns and their attribution can be a huge mistake. Why? Because when people pick up the phone and reach out, it means they are invested—so it is no wonder the most qualified leads are usually the ones who call. The problem is that those leads are the hardest to track back to their source. Thankfully, Dastia’s Call Tracking solution allows you to uncover which calls triggered by a paid ad resulted in a sale, along with lots of valuable insights that help you understand who’s calling and why. Use this information to fine-tune your campaigns and boost conversions for your clients!

Help your clients maximize ROI with optimized campaigns.

Dastia analytics dashboards

Show the role you play in your client’s success. Dastia’s analytics dashboards give you an extensive view of all your campaigns, allowing you to understand their attribution and which ones generate high-quality leads. This way, you can make data-based decisions to optimize your client’s campaigns and turn the best leads into loyal customers.

Working with our reports is a breeze. Whether you choose our standard ones or create your own, you can share them with your stakeholders through scheduled emails to keep everyone in the loop.

Dastia analytics dashboards

Available reports

Call Interactions

Get to know valuable insights such as the date of your calls, their source, and your client’s phone data.

Form Interactions

Discover when your form was completed, the source behind it, the associated emails, and the phone data of your clients.


Find out each of your lead’s names, the date they converted for the first time, their email address, and their phone data.

Knowing where conversions come from helps you easily prove ROI to your clients. Understanding how your actions led to great results will make them see you as a true partner!

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