Dastia Google Ads Integration

Google Ads

Track your calls as conversions within Google Ads and shine a light on your campaigns.

Learn from your ad campaigns and fine tune your marketing efforts

When you optimize your campaigns based on just clicks, you’re making decisions with only half the picture. With Dastia’s Google Ads integration, you get the full picture by linking every paid click to an individual phone call. This way, you can view real-time call conversion tracking data associated with each PPC campaign and ad groups directly in Google Ads—making ads call tracking easier than ever!

Being able to attribute calls as conversions not only allows you to measure the performance of your campaigns by seeing which ones are generating the most calls, but also helps you to effectively measure ROI and better optimize your campaigns. So if you’re trying to improve the impact of your marketing efforts, Dastia’s Google Ads integration is exactly what you need, as it allows you to strategically spend your ads budget where it drives the most calls instead of simple—and often expensive—clicks.

You decide which calls are considered conversions and are sent to Google Ads

With this seamless integration, we can automatically send call tracking data from Dastia to your Google Ads account, allowing information to flow smoothly between both platforms. However, clarity sometimes requires a little filtering. So to get an accurate view of your campaigns’ effectiveness, we’ll only upload data from those calls you consider conversions, not every single one of them. In other words, we let you decide which type of calls or actions are considered conversions that will trigger the automatic upload into Google Ads—all you have to do is rate or classify them in Dastia and we’ll handle the rest!

To sum it up, with our native Google Ads integration you can:

Track calls generated by Google Ads PPC at a campaign and ad group level.

Use call data to measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and optimize ROI.

View relevant call data in real time directly from Google Ads, so you don’t have to be switching platforms.

Keeping track of your phone call leads allows you to get a comprehensive picture of your marketing efforts and use accurate data to create optimized campaigns that drive high quality leads and boost conversions.

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