Webhooks Integration

Webhooks Integration

Integrate Dastia to your existing apps and bring your data wherever you need it.

Enhance any app or service with data

Our Webhooks integration allows you to draw useful data from Dastia and instantly send it to the platforms you’re already using. This way, you can keep all your internal apps up-to-date with the latest insights Dastia provided you with. The best part? This is done automatically!

When you connect Webhooks to other platforms or services, you can establish automated triggers for specific situations that make them communicate with each other and exchange information. So whenever certain actions happen within Dastia, a response will be triggered in your apps. If you have your own CRM you can use Webhooks to create triggers that automatically generate a new lead in your system every time you receive a call in Dastia.

With Dastia’s Webhooks integration, you can set up triggers for these events:

  • Call received
  • Call data updated
  • Call processed & analyzed
  • Call qualified
  • Form received
  • Form data updated
  • Form qualified
  • New lead generated
  • Lead data updated

Automate with Webhooks and increase efficiency

If you’re trying to avoid time-consuming tasks and streamline the process of syncing data between applications, then Webhooks is a much better fit for you than APIs. Instead of having to poll the API to know if something happened, you can use Webhooks to automatically notify you when it does. This way, you can stay on top of important events in real-time and have all your internal or external platforms synced and working together.

More insights. Better leads. Successful interactions.
All a few steps away.