September 9, 2022

How can Call Tracking help your company?

Discover the advantages of Call Tracking for your business.

By now, you’ve probably heard the term Call Tracking and know that this technology monitors calls from your company’s potential customers. Let’s get even more technical in the definition. We can say that Call Tracking is the solution that allows you to complete the data of your advertising campaigns with valuable insights from the people behind the phone, information that, until now, was out of reach.

Call Tracking gives you the ability to understand how your potential customers reach you, which campaigns are performing better, and where is the best place to invest your marketing budget. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to take into account when considering the advantages of Call Tracking for companies.

Analyzing Call Tracking

Nowadays, hundreds of different analytics tools, such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, can make measurement possible and help understand the online results of your campaigns. But we want to raise our hand and ask the following question, what happens to those users who search for a specific product online but end up buying it offline? Well, without adequate software that connects the online world of potential customers’ information with their offline purchases (telephone, SMS, chat, stores, commercial networks, etc.), the trail is lost, and with it, all the knowledge to optimize your results.

By relying on technology specialized in Call Tracking, you can better understand the leads who contact your company by phone. In addition, thanks to each lead’s user id or unique identifier, you can connect the data you collect from phone calls with every piece of information on your potential customers gathered from other sources. So instead of working with isolated data, you can cross it with your analytics tracking tools to know more about your buyers and find out the real ROI of your campaigns.

Why do you need Call Tracking?

Although there might be multiple drivers for adopting a call monitoring technology in your company, one thing is for sure. If the telephone is one of your main communication channels with your customers, you must get more information about what happens on the other end of the line. So without further ado, let’s go through the main reasons why you should incorporate Call Tracking into your strategy:

If your company has had contact with some of the leads in a previous occasion, then you’ll probably know what products might spark their interest. Use this information to your advantage and send them personalized offers!

When your company receives hundreds or thousands of daily calls, it’s hard to keep track of each prospect. Without call monitoring technology, this task ends up being managed internally by a sales team or a Call Center. If your main goal is to turn your leads into sales, then the best option is to rely on AI and use a Call Tracking solution to take care of these tedious and time-consuming tasks.

One of the things people hate the most about calling a company over the phone is holding on the line. And don’t get us started with that corny elevator music… The truth is that shorter waiting times for your leads or customers equals better results. With Call Tracking solutions like Dastia, you can reduce this pain for your prospects by automatically forwarding calls to one of your free agents, which also decreases the abandonment rate in the purchase process.

With the help of call monitoring technologies, you can access every insight from your online and offline campaigns. This knowledge allows you to identify which marketing actions have contributed to your sales goals and which have not. In other words, by understanding which campaigns work best, you will be able to adjust your strategies, optimize your investments, and maximize your results.

Last but not least, this technology is useful to identify new audiences that you didn’t even think of and are also interested in your products or services. Call Tracking will not only improve the way you measure the impact of your marketing and sales efforts but will also help you understand who is behind the phone, allowing you to offer a better user experience.

What are the benefits of Call Tracking?

Still not convinced? If you are considering whether or not to start implementing Call Tracking in your organization, here are some key points you should take into account:

If you have only mastered the data or statistics of the online environment so far, then you are missing out on what happens offline. Imagine, for instance, that you’ve launched a campaign for one of your products where the online purchases had very disappointing results, but the offline way was tremendously effective. Well, perhaps, in this case, the ads on the Internet have raised questions that potential consumers decided to resolve with a phone call. By investing in call tracking technology, you will be able to understand the analytics of your results better and, by extension, optimize your campaigns.  

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, so it’s logical to say that by having access to all your campaign data, you will be able to discover points of improvement in previous marketing efforts. Besides, sometimes the results of your online advertising campaigns can be confusing and might need further explanation. Knowing what happens in the offline environment (specifically during your calls) opens a window for you to have more control of your advertising campaigns, allowing you to refine and adjust them, improving both their profitability and your investment.

Having complete and up-to-date sales reports is key, especially when it comes to strategy and planning. A Call Tracking solution like Dastia can comprehensively give you the full picture of your campaigns in real-time. Its many integrations, combined with the power of AI, allow you to take your results to levels you can’t even imagine.

In conclusion, if you want to polish and improve the advertising campaigns for your products or services, you should seriously consider implementing Call Tracking in your company. Here at Dastia, we can help you and answer your questions, so feel free to contact us anytime. Stop wasting time and start your optimization journey to make the most of your marketing efforts.

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