September 9, 2022

Introducing the dynamic ring pool

Discover the advantages of having a dynamic phone to increase sales.

It is a well-known fact that each and every company in the world shares the same main objectives: increase sales and improve their results. Of course, technology is one of their greatest allies in order to achieve these goals because, among other things, it allows them to automate inefficient processes that previously had to be carried out by the sales force. This extra time allows employees to dedicate their day to more important and valuable tasks. 

In order to thrive, Dastia relies on a key feature that changes the whole tracking paradigm as we know it, the dynamic ring pool.

What is a dynamic ring pool?

Before you start guessing, no, it is not a literal pool full of mobile phones. The dynamic ring pool, also known as dynamic telephone, is a feature that allows us to show a different phone number to each user in order to collect the tracking of each lead and finally refer them to the contact center with all their digital footprint, such as the information they have provided in the form and their navigation data.

The best part about our dynamic telephones is that thanks to them we can identify the channel of origin of each lead and get to know their interests based on the pages they have visited on our website. This valuable information not only helps you build a more favorable relationship between the lead and the sales agent but also ends up improving the Sales Conversions Rate.

Why you should implement a dynamic phone to increase sales

Now that you know what a dynamic ring pool is, you are probably wondering what’s in it for you. Well, let me tell you that having a dynamic telephone in your company has lots of benefits. Below you will find some of its main advantages:

1. Understand the campaigns and sources that provide the highest volume of qualified leads.

2. Know the products or services that most interest your leads.

3. Collect information from the lead before the call, facilitating the contextualization of the sales pitch.

4. Unify data regarding online tracking and offline calls.

5. Analyze calls in real-time.

6. Fully integrate with analytics tools to get a wider picture of your conversions.

7. Achieve a higher level of visibility into the attribution model.

8. Increase sales by targeting digital campaigns to keywords/users with interest.

Sounds good, right? As you can see, the dynamic telephone feature will increase your sales and allow you to get a better understanding of your leads, from their interests to their behaviors. So now you know all about our ring pool, but knowing is half the battle. Now it’s time for action. Luckily we can help you here at Dastia. Are you ready to take your leads to a whole new level?

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