December 22, 2022

The advantages of call transcriptions

Call transcriptions

Discover why transcribing your calls can be good for your business

Before we begin to tackle this topic in a business-like manner, let’s try taking call transcriptions to a more personal or grounded level. Has it ever happened to you that after spending time with your crush, visiting a relative, or having a chat with a friend, you just can’t seem to remember all the conversation details? Yes, maybe you got the basic beats of the talk, the main topics discussed, and even the mood of the whole encounter, but the twists and turns, the specific words spoken, and the minor details are lost forever.

It’s simple, our brains can’t remember everything, and though this isn’t a problem for most people (unless you just had a heated argument and need to remember every word your said), the case is different for companies. Think about it; if people have trouble remembering every detail of their conversations with others, it becomes impossible to absorb all the information from a work-related call. Now multiply that call, let’s say, by twenty. Do you see our point? Without call transcriptions, this information is lost or inaccessible to others, creating a missed learning opportunity for your business.

Now that we got that covered, let´s get to the million-dollar question, why do we need to transcribe and keep tabs on the interactions with our clients?

Know your clients

One of the main benefits of transcribing your calls and analyzing your sales team’s interactions with your potential customers is that you can build a lead profile. What information can a lead profile have? Well, valuable insights can be collected through a call transcription, such as age, gender, geographic location, likes, and preferences, to name a few. The equation is easy; the more information you get from the calls, the better you can understand the caller. 

By examining the conversations with your leads and potential clients, you can get a clear view of their journey before and after the call. This can help your team customize each interaction, thus improving their sales and your overall results. As we usually say, if you know your leads, you close more deals!

Empower your sales team

Call transcriptions are not only helpful in knowing your clients, but they can also be an excellent introspection tool for your sales team. Imagine that your agents are having a bad streak and keep getting stuck in the last part of the sales process (in other words, they can’t close the deal). Of course, the first and most logical reaction is to discover why this is happening. Without transcriptions, this becomes just a guessing game, and as you already know, guessing is not our cup of tea.

The best way to avoid relying on predictions and go straight to the facts is through call transcriptions. By analyzing them, you can check what’s working and what’s not in your sales scripts while also identifying improvement opportunities. We guarantee that the insights you can get from this analysis will help you build stronger and more personalized sales scripts that your team and your customers will appreciate. 

Call Transcriptions and AI

Yes, call transcriptions can be very valuable for your business, but it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room: who is in charge of transcribing these calls? Because, let’s be honest, recording the call is easy, but taking the time to write down every word can be as tedious as counting grains of sand from a bucket. Luckily, AI can take these boring tasks and complete them in a matter of seconds.

Take Dastia, for instance. One of the many features of our call tracking tool is to automatically record and transcribe the phone calls your sales team has with your customers. Not only that, but Dastia goes one step further by identifying keywords in the conversation and using them as tags to categorize and easily find a particular call. The moral of the story is that it’s always good to rely on AI to tackle these tedious and time-consuming processes. This way, your team can focus on essential tasks that add more value to your business.

What did we learn from call transcriptions?

As you can see, transcribing calls can be very convenient for your business, not only because it allows you to understand your clients more deeply but also because it can help your team improve their interactions with them.

To wrap things up, we want to give you some final advice: stop wasting precious time on tedious, non-profitable tasks; start recording your calls and rely on AI to transcribe them. Trust us; you will love the results!

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